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Cancel Plates or Vehicle Registrations

Use the form on this page to request a replacement vehicle registration certificate. The registration on the vehicle registration must be valid and currently registered to you.


Please complete the form on this page, upload the required forms or documents, and submit your request. If you have any outstanding fines or restrictions on your file, we will contact you for further information.


Once have you met all the requirements, we will email you a credit card payment invoice. Please note that all credit card payments are subject to an additional government approved payment processing fee of approximately 3.5% of the total cost.

Your Information

Name(s) on Vehicle Registration file *

Current Mailing Address *

Required Forms & Documents

Upload File

Download this form, fill it out, and upload it to this area for processing.

* In Part 1, please specify Mundare Registry Ltd. as the Authorized Organization you are giving consent to. You do not need to write in the MVID

* In Part 2, please complete all vehicle information including the VIN

*In Part 3, check the box beside Duplicate Registration

* Please sign in Part 5. If the registration is in joint (two+) names, we only require the signature of one of the persons on file

Upload File

Can be a valid Driver's License, Passport or Permanent Residence card. If on mobile, you can click the file upload button and take a photo with your camera or upload a photo from your camera library.

Would you like the original Registration Certificate mailed to the address on file for an additional $2.10?
Select an item (C$)

Thanks for submitting!

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