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Renew Your Driver’s License/ID Card Online

If your driver’s license or ID card has expired (less than 3 years) and you cannot attend a registry office because you are either temporarily outside of Alberta or you are medically homebound, you can use this service to renew it.


Your license/ID card will be renewed for a one-year term and will use the same photo and signature as your previous driver’s license/ID card. You must provide proof of Alberta residency and legal Canadian status at the time of your next card service.


To renew your card, please complete the following fields and upload any required forms or documents. Any outstanding fines or restrictions on your file will necessitate us contacting you for further instructions.


Once you’ve met all requirements, we will email you a credit card payment invoice. Please note that all credit card payments are subject to an additional government approved payment processing fee of approximately 3.5% of the total cost.

Your Information

Required Forms & Documents

Please download this form, fill it out, and upload it to this area for processing

Upload File
Upload File

eg: passport and valid work/study permit, permanent residency card, Canadian passport or birth certificate.

Upload File

eg: monthly bank statement, utility bill or paystub.

Download and complete this form if you are 75 years of age or older, or have a medical condition that affects driving.

Upload File
Would you like your temporary paper Driver’s Licence/ID Card receipt emailed to the email address above for an additional $2.10?
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Thanks for submitting!

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